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BARMASA offers two separate dining spaces, each unique in ambiance, service and cuisine. The 256-seat BARMASA, located in a casual, airy space beneath a soaring vaulted ceiling, invites guests to sample their choice of Chef Masa’s modern Japanese food. The interior’s use of natural elements within the high-arching, voluminous space creates an effect both intimate and serene, aptly reflecting the purity of Masa’s cuisine. Clean, simple and uncomplicated is the way Chef Masa characterizes his food, prepared with a skill that allows the inherent flavor of each ingredient to emerge undisguised. Essential to this process are freshness and seasonality.

Tetsu is an intimate and interactive dining experience, offering guests the first taste of Chef Masa’s passion for fine Japanese grilling. The exclusive venue features six VIP and two communal teppan grill tables with seating for 10 and five, respectively. Highly skilled teppanyaki chefs will oversee the evening’s culinary entertainment – prepping, cooking and plating orders specific to each guest’s request. A produce table serves as the room’s centerpiece, displaying the finest quality meats, seafood and vegetables.

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